Imagine eating dumplings with sauce, and the minute you dip it in your mouth, you feel a blast of flavours. It is right to say that making dumplings is one aspect but an important aspect of serving dumplings is giving them more flavour via innovative sauces. In this article, we will share with you five different dumpling sauces, starting with the simpler more modern versions. I hope they inspire you to make your sauce even more interesting. 

There are many ingredients that can be used to make sauces. It is always good to do a little mix and match them based on your favourite taste. So, let’s get into five piquant dumpling sauces.

1. Spring onion oil sauce

The first easy to make sauce is spring onion oil sauce which is inspired by scallop noodles. This sauce is delicious, sour with a hint of sweetness and is very tasty.

2. Hot and sour sauce

The hot and sour sauce is literally everyone’s favourite dip with dumplings. It is spicy, sour and pungent in taste because of vibrant spices that are very popular in Indo-Chinese cuisine and very easy to prepare at home.

3. Vinegar and soy sauce

For a spicy meaty flavour, make vinegar and soy dumpling sauce. Japanese people usually use this delicious sauce to serve with dumplings.

4. Spicy tomato sauce

The most important thing about this sauce is that you can adjust the ingredients to your liking. Increase the quantity of garlic and fresh pepper if you want a spicier flavour.

5. Garlic and vinegar sauce

Many Asian cuisines are incomplete without garlic and vinegar sauce. You can also add ginger to it. This sauce is super versatile and great to have on hand for dumplings. 

From now on, start dipping your dumpling in these sauces and feel free to create new flavours.