Many of us still dwell on the fact that salads are the most boring and bland combination of food that the culinary world has ever put on offer. However, that’s not the case at all. Salads can be equally interesting and delightful too. A hearty bowl of leafy greens can actually bring a whole lot of freshness, besides there are so many other components to a salad. Some cuisines take their salads pretty seriously, as is evident by the thought that goes into it. Thus, we’ve put together a list of the most famous salads around the world that will surely blow your mind.

Ensalada De Payaso (Columbia)

The name of the dish means ‘clown salad, it is named so because of the colour it leaves on your tongue as a little 'post-meal surprise' . The star ingredient of this dish is ‘beetroot’, it is accompanied with hard boiled-eggs, potato, carrots, cilantro and mayo with a drizzle of lime juice. This salad has a creamy texture because of the combination of mayo and eggs with a hint of sweet and tanginess which simply makes it hard to resist.

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 Tuscan Panzanella (Italy)

Also widely known as Panmolle, this salad was invented when people of Tuscany realized that slices of bread sitting in their cabinet could also use be put to good use. Panmolle is a concoction of various vegetables typically made by stale bread soaked in vinegar, tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil. This salad is a perfect balance of sweetness with a crunchy taste and can be just apt for a light summer diet.

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 Tabbouleh (Lebanon)

Tabbouleh salad or Tabouli is a classic salad that can be easily spotted at any Middle-Eastern restaurant usually served as a complimentary dish with mezze platter. This vibrant bowl of salad goes back to Medieval times when it was created in the mountains of Lebanon and Syria. Tabouli is a crunchy and chewy salad consisting of green parsley, tomato, mint, cucumber and wheat bulgur.

Nicoise (France)

Nicoise salad is said to have been originated in the city of Nice. This salad is a refreshing fluff of veggies that would work any time of year. It is made with potatoes, tuna, beans, Nicoise briny olives, anchovies, and hard-boiled eggs. Nicoise salad is meant to be a carefully composed salad, as its beauty lies in layers. 

Larb (Thailand and Laos)

Larb is an appetizing bowl of salad that can satiate any non-vegetarian out there, this salad is actually a national dish of Laos that can be found in any nook and cranny of the country. Larb is all about meat ranging from chicken, beef, duck, fish or pork. It's often served with slices of cucumbers and fresh lettuce because it can be quite spicy on its own. The salad has the right amount of spice and sour flavours,  as it uses citric ingredients like lime juice and vinegar with fish sauce, chilis and mint which gives it a pleasant zingy taste.

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