Biryani! The name itself is enough to draw a crowd. The one-pot, aromatic rice-based dish is one of the most loved delicacies and doesn't need any introduction. A heavenly mix of rice, ambrosial spices and tender meat or veggies, biryani has our heart! Biryani’s origin has many stories to it, with the most prominent being that Mughals introduced it to northern India and Arabs bought it to the south of India. And this is why we’ve got not one or two but countless varieties of biryanis across India, which differs in cooking techniques, ingredients and flavours.

And if you think you’ve had it all, we get you 5 of the most amazing biryanis from across India that are sure to get you drooling!  

1. Calicut Chicken Biryani 

As the name suggests, this is one excellent authentic biryani from the state of Calicut that boasts of aromatic spices from the south. This irresistible biryani is a must-try for any biryani lover!


2. Thalassery Biryani 

Get a taste of Kerala on your platter with its unique yet scrumptious biryani from Thalassery town in Kerala! This biryani, cooked in ‘dum’ style - a technique where a vessel is sealed, usually with dough, has aromatic short-grained ‘jeerakashala’ (khaima) rice cooked with fresh garam masala made with eight spices and Thalassery unique black pepper. It is truly a gastronomic experience of a kind!


3. Awadhi Biryani 

A literal royal treat straight from the kitchens of Lucknow, Awadhi biryani is one feast you won’t forget! Laced in the flavours of freshly made garam masala and cashew nut paste, cooked layered with mutton and cooked rice along with saffron induced milk, Awadhi biryani is a delight to devour.


4. Ambur Biryani 

Named after the region of Ambur in Tamil Nadu, Ambur mutton biryani is a heavenly affair with mutton chunks sautéed with a tomato-onion mix, pressure cooked into a korma and then cooked in ‘dum’ style with rice.  

5. Bombay Biryani 

This one is a riot of flavours, tangy and sweet; Bombay biryani boasts of spices and a tinge of kewra water and dried plums along with an occasional hint of spicy fried potatoes with the meat.


How many of these biryanis have you tried? Let us know!